We were born as a hotel supplies company 13 years ago. We work with hotels that make great efforts to have sustainable operations and generate the least possible impact on their surroundings.

In mid-2020, as a result of COVID19 and the temporary closure of all our hotel clients, we saw the need to add a new sales channel totally different as our business such as retail and e-commerce.


We manufacture Skincare & hospitality products for your home or hotel with 100% NATURAL and BIO-BASED materials (from renewable natural sources).

We have a totally inclusive philosophy of work and treatment between supplier and client, where we work together and develop unique and sustainable products at a fair price, without taking small producers or the environment.

In this way, we became the first hotel and cosmetic amenities company to eliminate single-use PLASTIC from its products.

Two years after making the decision to enter the e-commerce business, we are convinced that it was the best thing we could have done and we are happy that there are so many people who like our products and our circular business proposal. We will continue trying to leave our stamp on the new products that we develop and the markets that we reach.

Thanks to everyone who supports us to move forward, the success of the steps we are taking depends on all of you.